Find replacement and service parts catalogs online for the Polaris RZR, Sportsman, ACE, GENERAL and RANGER by model and year. View and Download Polaris RANGER RZR S service manual online. RANGER RZR S Offroad Vehicle pdf manual download. Also for: ranger. View and Download Polaris RZR owner’s manual online. RZR Offroad Offroad Vehicle Polaris Ranger RZR Owner’s Manual. ( pages).

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Avoid parking on an incline. Push the gears back together, using both hands and hold securely. Remove the screws from the transfer case cover and remove the cover note position of the longest screw 4.

Page 12 O’clock position.


If all of these indicate a good condition, yet the starter still fails to turn, the starter must be removed for static testing and inspection. This aids in reassembly and maintains clutch balance after reassembly.

Remove the air box cover Gasket and inspect the gasket. Replace bearing if any of these things are evident. Pass a small heating torch over the shock body to remove any air bubbles from the oil.

Clean end of taper on crankshaft and the taper bore inside drive clutch. Page This Manhal emissions warranty period is extended for at least as long as the 22013 factory warranty that Polaris provides on the vehicle as a whole. Uneven adjustment may cause poor handling of the vehicle, which could result in an accident. If the stop screw is repositioned or adjusted, the throttle body assembly must be replaced.


Leave the key on if you want to view the active code failure code.

Polaris RZR 800 Owner’s Manual

Refer to bushing replacement in this chapter. Coating shim s and bearing race 23mm, 12 Point with Polaris All Purpose Grease may be necessary to hold the assembly together during installation. Battery CAUTION tenders can be left connected during the storage period, and will automatically charge the battery polwris the voltage drops below a pre-determined point.

Page Belt burnt, thin -Dragging brake -Inspect brake system. Page Wheel Nuts: Wash the vehicle by hand or with a garden hose using mild soap. Place a container below the caliper to catch the brake fluid. Fuel Injectors Additives and higher grades of fuel can be used as a preventative measure if clogging has been a problem. Page 10 Hitch Towing Capacity lbs. Refer to Chapter 7 for drive shaft boot replacement.

Reinstall the arrestor and torque the screw to specification.

Battery Storage See page Apply lubricant oqners both seal case screws to the front of the transmission. To prevent damage to the lwners seals, do not compress the valve spring more than necessary to install the keepers.

Carefully and slowly push the bearing down just past PN – qt. Rear Bearing Carrier 9. Battery charge can be maintained by using a Load Test Polaris battery tender charger or by charging once a month to make up for normal self-discharge. If parking on an incline is unavoidable, follow these precau- tions: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for ambient tempera- ture operation.

After riding my Polaris rzr for an hour or so and I stop and turn it off, try and start it back up a lot of hesitation occurs and I have to pat the gas and finally it ownere.


Install the pivot pin set screw and torque to specification. Do not carry more than three passengers in a 4-seat vehicle.

Place transmission upright with the output shaft facing up. Install the bearings by hand as they are a slip-fit. Page 26 Check throttle pedal freeplay periodically in accordance with the Periodic Maintenance Chart.

Neutral This lamp illuminates when the transmission is in neutral and the ignition key is in the ON position. Press the MODE button to advance to the next error code. Remove the 4 bolts securing the front gearcase to frame. Torque ALL mounting bracket bolts to specification. Tap on inner race only! Page to gearcase mating surfaces upon cover installation. OEM tooling in order to properly reassemble. To exit the majual mode, turn the key off.

Shift Lever shifter, cable, console, shift knob. Always perform the maintenance procedures as outlined in the Periodic Maintenance Chart. Be sure to visit us online at www.

Attach a clean, clear hose to fitting and place the other end in a clean container. Enter text from picture: Always follow these precautions when hauling cargo: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.