AFI 91-207 PDF

d Air Base Wing – Home of America’s Arctic Warriors. References. •. DoDI – DoD Traffic Safety Program. •. AFI – USAF Traffic Safety Program. AFI is published! In an effort to ensure users have their questions and concerns addressed, we will post the most frequently asked questions through the. Air Force Motorcycle Rider Information. Training: According to AFI dated 12 Sept, , Motorcycle safety training is not intended to meet state, territory.

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The course provides essential information to newcomers to enhance safety awareness of their new surroundings. Direct-duty military personnel and language students at Lackland Air Force Base before initial duty assignment. A trailer towed by a PMV is considered part of the vehicle, even if it is detachable from the vehicle.

Failure to use occupant protective devices, i. Commanders shall consider the risks involved when assigning long distance driving duties to personnel who have been on duty for the previous eight 8 hours. Air Force military and civilian personnel will not be required to pay for or use annual leave for training or education mandated by this instruction with the exception of off-road privately owned ATV and dirt bike training.

According to MCO Contractor or Privately owned Motor Vehicles. Meet or exceed requirements for intermediate training. Gloves or mittens will be made from leather or other abrasion-resistant material.

Each branch of service issues their own guidance on the required personal protective equipment PPE for U. Operator inspection and primary preventive maintenance.

Included in this category are non-motorized skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, skates, and other wheeled devices used as transportation or for recreation.

Garment and Motorcycle Visibility. Business Management afi working draft advertisement. These vehicles do not fall in the general categories of agricultural, construction, or industrial use vehicles.

This is directly applicable to traffic control, road construction, pavement marking, utility maintenance, road clean-up, and any other crew or individual afk to work as a pedestrian on a roadway surface while the roadway remains open to traffic.

afi working draft

Where state or local laws require special licenses to operate privately owned motorized bicycles mopedsmotor scooters, all-terrain vehicles ATVszfi other recreational motor vehicle RMVsuch license af, as a minimum, shall apply to operation of those vehicles on AF installations.

The use of these vehicles in traffic is considered incidental to their travel between off-road areas and users will ensure their movement on and off Air Force installations complies with applicable traffic laws and codes. Foreign-national, direct-hire employees are the same as DAF civilian employees. To reduce the potential for traffic mishaps caused by operator fatigue, Commanders and supervisors will encourage personnel to apply personal risk management when trip planning both on- and off-duty.


Commanders and supervisors will complete an ORM evaluation when requesting to use these vehicles in traffic, industrial, or pedestrian environments. Sturdy over the ankle footwear that affords protection for the feet and ankles shall be worn. Last updated 21 April, Page 24 of You are responsible to complete any operator’s license or vehicle registration requirements required.

Operator and Passenger Protection Provide support and funding as needed to comply with this instruction. Refresher training will be conducted every 2-years or when an event or mishap indicates the operator did not adhere to minimum safe operating practices. There is no requirement to wear a “reflective motorcycle vest” during day or night as well as any quantification of color or reflectivity requirements related to motorcycle outerwear.

As a minimum, the training shall include the following elements: This does not include the use of hearing aids, nor does it negate the requirement for wearing hearing protective equipment where conditions dictate their use. Includes foreign-national civilians employed by Air Force in direct or 91–207 hire status. Use educational programs to ensure military and civilian personnel are aware of the requirements in this instruction.

AFI 91-207 Traffic Safety Program

Purchasing authorities and end-users of GVOs will ensure applicable mandatory and necessary optional safety devices and features are installed, maintained, and used. The child safety devices will be certified wfi the manufacturer to meet all applicable Federal performance standards or host nation requirements.

Additional, minimum personal protective equipment, such as knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, etc. Government Vehicle Other GVO – Vehicles designed primarily for off-the-highway operation such as construction tracked vehicles, forklift, road graders, agricultural-type wheeled tractors, and aircraft tugs.

All persons on an AF installation shall comply with the vehicle and pedestrian traffic laws of the state or host nation in which the station is located. In addition, Department of Defense military and civilians from other services or agencies whom are assigned to or employed on the Air Force installation should receive the training under the same conditions.


Territories, or Host Nations may authorize selected types of these vehicles in traffic off the installation. This instruction applies to all people in or on moving motor vehicles and bicycles on Air Force installations, Air Force employees operating a motor vehicle conducting official duties off base, Air Force military personnel including Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard on Federal Service at all times regardless of location, and foreign students in training with the Air Force who must complete applicable traffic safety afu.

These courses are intended to improve the riders’ skills and knowledge through a curriculum that includes practice maneuvers conducted at street or highways speeds, challenging cornering techniques and other realistic scenarios conducted in a controlled environment. Fleet Golf Car – 91-2077 golf car used solely to carry one or more people and golf equipment to play golf.

All riders must complete level I training prior to attending any advanced level motorcycle training.

afi 91-207 working draft

A long sleeve shirt shall be past the elbow while the rider’s hands are on the handlebar grips. Devices called motor scooters but not defined and authorized to be used in traffic by applicable xfi codes and laws are RMVs. All initial or beginner motorcycle training courses must be instructed by certified or licensed personnel. Provisions shall be made for adequate sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, handicapped access ramps and bicycle paths to ensure safe traffic flow without jeopardizing pedestrian safety.

– Military Motorcycle Rider PPE information

Pedestrians – Are defined as anyone on foot, e. Riders and passengers shall wear a long sleeved shirt or jacket, long trousers, and full-fingered gloves or mittens designed for use on a motorcycle. Personnel Department of Defense Civilian Personnel – DoD Civil Service employees including Reserve Component military reserve technicians and Reserve technicians, unless in a military duty status ; non-appropriated fund employees excluding military personnel 91-027 part-time to avoid dual reporting ; Corps of Engineers Civil Works employees; Youth or Student Assistance Program employees; foreign nationals employed by the DoD 9-1207 and Army-Air Force Exchange Service employees.

The course is required by DoDI CMC SD approved off-road motorcycle course. Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.