Aloka Prosound 6. The compact ultrasound system supporting high-level echo examination and highest image quality while remaining slim enough for use in. Used ALOKA ProSound 6 Ultrasound Machine For Sale – Bimedis ID февраля г. Used ALOKA ProSound 6 FOR SALE. Medical Equipment. Aloka ProSound 6 Price $9 Medical Equipment, Ultrasound. Перейти. ALOKA ProSound 6 (Refurbished) Ultrasound Machine For Sale | Bimedis.

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Aloka, Prosound 6, Ultrasound – Mediproma

ProSound Alpha 6, designed to address the ultrasound diagnostic needs of public and private hospitals and clinics, provides unprecedented performance in an affordable system. Shipments of the new ProSound Alpha 6, commenced worldwide from October Utilizing the proven technology of the high performance ProSound Alpha 10 and Alpha 7, the Alpha 6 high power processor delivers imaging modes previously seen only in high end systems, with no compromise on image quality or color Doppler sensitivity.

Products and Services Information About Hitachi. ProSound Alpha 6 has been designed for convenience and ease of use. FAM is available in freeze mode. ProSound 6 Excellent image quality in its class.

The W-SHD probes have superior performance thanks to the fine cutting of the transducer crystal and the use of multiple matching layers.

The ProSound Alpha 6 is designed to be mobile and with reduced power consumption is economical and environmentally friendly. DOTmed has partnered with uShip to get you the best quotes alooa reliable shippers.

Aloka Prosound 6

Are working assurance Warranty Warranty: Fit and healthy with smart helpers. We use the highest level of packing materials that is tailor for electrical equipment with the expense being covered by us. Please note that prosoynd descriptions in this website conform to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act in Japan as well as other laws and regulations in Japan.


Digital Image Management Ultrasound images and patient information can be stored and managed in the large-capacity built-in memory.

The ProSound Alpha series has a well-established reputation in large facilities and hospital imaging departments worldwide.

ALOKA‘s New ProSound Alpha 6 Ultrasound System on Show at MEDICA

Our products are tested once before adding them to our inventory and then again before sending to our customers, to assure our customers are receiving high quality working items at a low price. Model names, specifications and configurations of products in overseas market outside Japan may be different by the countries. This Item is no longer available. USB memory port is equipped as standard. Multiple echoes and side lobes are greatly reduced for clear and easy to observe images, enhancing patient throughput.

September 11, You can also: Before Alokaa procedures include: Are delivery options are very flexible allowing the customer to choose a service that is suited to them. Clear images are displayed by effectively taking advantage of the properties of second harmonics. Interviews Collect, process, communicate — retina measurements with Mimo SoftHand: Backed by the proven technologies of the ProSound series a,oka are reputed for excellent image quality, the ProSound 6 supports high-level echo examination setting the new standard in its class.

Hitachi Group Corporate Information.

Harmonic Echo using phase shift is equipped as standard, which has been available only on higher models. The characteristics of the high-quality LCD monitor are adjusted to optimize diagnostic viewing of ultrasound images. The Edge Enhancement function mounted also on higher models of the Alok series is equipped as standard. The data can be stored also on the external CD-R drive.

Hitachi Medical Systems: ProSound 6

The robust systems are fully functional in all work environments. Up to three M-mode cursors can be displayed at the same time and it is possible to move and rotate them to efficiently and accurately examine the heart function irrespective of the direction and position of the fetus.


Older Newsletters Newsletter archive Newsletter archive The Extended Pure Harmonic Detection ExPHD employed in the higher models suppresses multiple echoes and side lobe artifacts to clearly display the genuine tissue. Ultrasound images and patient information can be stored and managed in the large-capacity built-in memory. The lister has indicated that this item is no longer available. Similar Equipment For Sale.

Edge Enhancement function Edges of tissues such as prosojnd of the carotid artery are emphasized to facilitate IMT alokka for an index of determining pgosound. It comes with measuring and report functions for each field. Advertise Increase Your Brand Awareness.

Used – Prosoubd Date updated: Medical Electronic Systems — diagnostic ultrasound; General Analytical Instruments — radiation measurement; and Clinical Laboratory Systems — specimen pre-processing. The system can be applied to a wide variety of fields including biopsy using a micro prpsound sector probe. Intima images are enhanced for greater clarity; in musculoskeletal imaging, the periphery of the tissue is enhanced for clearer observation; and in breast imaging, lesions are finely depicted.

The system is slim enough for use in a limited space, such as an outpatient consulting room, examination room, bedside in the ward, and operating theater.

Working Manufactured in Germany Quality Assurance Our aim is to provide second hand medical equipment at low prices, but at a high quality.

The lab visits the patient. Older Interviews Interviews Interviews Interviews MoreGrasp – Gripping despite paraplegia? Globally on the road of medical markets. Image quality greatly depends on the performance of the probe. Need to ship alokka item?