Transcript of ANALISIS BROMATOLOGICO DEL PAN. OBJETIVOS -Fijar las características principales del pan desde la naturaleza y calidad. Análisis bromatológico de las variggades En el Cuadro 22, se expresan los resultados de los análisis bromatológicos del grano de maíz correspondientes a . Análisis bromatologico con dos mazorcas de maíz JC 24 de semillas Valle Verde .

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No se presentaron diferencias en amoniaco. Las cerdas se clasificaron en tres grupos: Effect of the daily forage allowance variation on the productive performance of grazing dairy cows.

En el pasto B. Comparison of the nutrient intake and digestibility and live weight gain of steers fattened in an intensive silvopastoral or in a confinement system.

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Identification and nutritional assessment of plant species commonly consumed by small ruminants Tatacoa Desert. The milk yield and composition were determined during the treatment and milk was collected for fatty acids analyses. In laying hens generally the cholesterol used for physiological functions is mainly provided by de novo synthesis, in liver and ovary principally; but also the cholesterol level is influenced by factors like hen genetics and diet.

Changes in protein, NDF, ADF, lignin and micotoxins content and in vitro dry matter degradability during the preparation and utilization of the growth bed of the mushroom Agaricus bisporum. Bromatilogico of the nutrient intake and digestibility and of liveweight gain of steers fattened with or without supplementation under highland grazing conditions. Los valores promedio de cada fuente suplementaria de Zn, sin incluir el sexo, fuerony g para el peso final;y g para el consumo de alimento y 1.


Se evaluaron cuatro tratamientos: Zootecnia Trop ;23 2: Animal performance and carcass features of two breeds of dual purpose cattle grazing on intensive silvopastoral systems.

Milk lipid classes were separated by thin layer chromatography and FA composition was measured by gas mziz. Length, wide, weight and volume of seeds and specific weight were the major discriminative variables with respect to the total variation, according to the principal components analysis. How to cite this article. Effect of the use cattle and goat rumen fluid in vitro technique for the production of gases on the degradation of dry matter.

Piaractus brachypomusstripping. Lasbolsas colectadas fueron limpiadas, congeladas y liofilizadas para determinar EB. Parameters of rumen fermentation in vitro of kikuyu analksis Pennisetum clandestinum supplemented with ethanol by- products. Effect in the inclusion of vitamin 1 alpha — hydroxycholecalciferol during the rearing pullets stage in layer.

Effect of rumen microorganisms transfaunation from buffaloes on some production parameters in steers. Morfhometric comparison of the intestinal mucosa pre and post- hatching commercial chickens and chicken creole. Se utilizaron 4 tratamientos por forraje con 4 repeticiones por tratamiento.

El T2 obtuvo la mejor ganancia de peso promedio semanal con Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias. Los tratamientos consistieron en una oferta forrajera OF del 3.

Se utilizaron cinco animales con un peso promedio de kg, se estabularon en jaulas. Se probaron tres tratamientos: Crude glycerin addition effect in kikuyo grass Pennisetum clandestinum from three dairy farms, on ruminal fermentation parameters.

Nitrogen-corrected apparent metabolizable energy value of biodiesel by-products for laying hens. Validation of creatinine excretion as a predictor of urinary volume in beef cattle.

FEDNA | Fundación Española para el Desarrollo de la Nutrición Animal

Colegio de Ciencias Agropecuarias. Evaluation of the of nutritional additives on enteric methane production by bovines. Seed morphology of 75 common bean Phaseolus vulgaris L.


Daphnia magna in culture classical method, in order to get appropriate homogeny production. Population density of rumen cellulolytic bacteria under supplementation of cold weather forages Pennisetum clandestinum with cassava flour and effluent biomass from ethanol production in the Rumen simulator-RUSITEC.

For this work, 21 male New Zealand breed animals with an average weight of g, of 8 weeks of age were composed of three treatments T1 hydroponic green forage of oats without nutritive solutionT2 green forage hydroponic of oats with solution nutrient and T0, each treatment consists of 7 replicates, the experimental unit was an animal under study.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Palmira. It can be concluded that the Hy-line W line, have serum levels of total cholesterol higher than the Lohmann Brown line.

Carrera 75 Of. Se obtuvo que la ganancia de peso en los tres grupos fue creciente, pero el rendimiento con los tratamientos 1 y snalisis fue de It was proposed that ECT would mediate their effects by acting directly on bromatolkgico microorganisms and their enzymes, whereas BCT would mainly affect substrate availability.

Effect of different levels of resistant potato starch from common and native potato on broilers productive performance.

Los tratamientos por forrajes fueron: Se resalta, el potencial que tiene la biomasa para suplementar forrajes de baja calidad nutritiva. Analysis of serum levels of total cholesterol in two lines of laying hens 3.