Operation Paperclip. The explosive story of America’s secret post-WWI science programs, from the author of the New York Times bestseller Area In the chaos . Operation Paperclip by Annie Jacobsen The Virus by Janelle Diller Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen Angels Fallen. Operation Paperclip. The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America. by Annie Jacobsen. The explosive story of America’s secret .

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Self-preservation wins all, or greed or the all-important consolidation of power. In this definitive, controversial look at one of America’s most strategic, and disturbing, government programs, Jacobsen shows just how dark operatipn can get in the name of national security.

Shortly after the war hundreds of Nazi scientists were brought to the U. Oct 15, Eleven rated it it was amazing.

Operation Paperclip | Annie Jacobsen

No trivia or quizzes yet. If the scientist lived closer to the East Coast than the West Coast, he went through the same protocols, except that he would exit the United States into Canada operatkon of Mexico and reeenter through the consulate at Niagara Falls. There was a race between the United States and the U. Others ultimately died in disgrace as their Nazi past caught up papreclip them.

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Review of “Operation Paperclip’’ Annie Jacobsen – The Boston Globe

Nonostante comparisse sul Central Paperdlip of War Criminals and Security Suspects, fu reclutato da Harry Armstrong per dirigere un programma di ricerca top secret nella Germania postbellica. Indeed, German scientists developed synthetic rubber used in automobile tiresnon-running hosiery, the ear thermometer, electromagnetic tape, and miniaturized electrical components, to name a few.


Along with the scientists, huge payloads of documents and rocket parts were shipped here.

This benign looking series, with lots of cartoons, some of them racist, talks about the captured V-2 rocket as the start of annnie U. Other subjects include, Dr. It did not matter that targets such as von Braun, himself a high-ranking SS officer, had initiated the use of slave workers, thousands of whom perished in underground tunnels.

Operation Paperclip

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Hoffman died in Some of them became household names, such as Wernher von Braun, and rose to positions of prominence. Heinz Schlicke, Director of Naval Test Fields at Kiel, and the cargo included plans for the Hs glider bomb, V-1 glide bomb forerunner to cruise missilesV-2 rocket forerunner to the SCUD missileMe fighter aircraft the first combat jet fighterlow observable submarine designs, and lead-lined boxes filled with 1, lbs.

Tabun Germany could have won the war. In other words, she starts with what each scientist was doing during WW II, then proceeds to how each came to work for the Americans and eventually moved Operation Paperclip covers truly interesting subject matter–how some Nazi scientists, including at least one convicted war criminal, later worked for, and even emigrated to, the U.

They were involved in tens of thousands of deaths. She lays out the foundations of what the scientist did to aid the Nazi regime and their involvement in the war machine and their role in the Holocaust. For anyone who is a history buff, this is one of the best books telling the story of the closing days of WWII.

Without all of this, history would have surely changed–most likely for the worst. Schlicke, who claimed to be an electronic warfare expert, became a prisoner at Ft. This book traces the frantic search for the scientists oleration their work as WWII wound down, then the bureaucratic push and pull as various agencies struggled with the scientists papwrclip as well as prosecuting others for war crimes.


We do not routinely respond to questions for which answers are found within this Web site. They leveraged advances in aerodynamics, rocketry, chemicals and medicine to rain destruction and terror on their enemies. Get this audiobook plus a second, free. They lived, mostly, under their own names, with their families intact, and participated in the American dream.

This book about a dark chapter paprrclip our history, is well written and thoroughly researched. Get The Weekender in your inbox:. Theirs was a complex jscobsen, and even today it is difficult to sort out the opportunistic from the optimal or to weigh the consequences for the United States if these men, war-criminal pasts notwithstanding, had ended up in Soviet Russia.

It’s easy to sit back in comparatively peaceful times and pass it off as evil, but the times were quite different. Many helped win the conflict in the Pacific and, papwrclip time, the Cold War. This book can be dense at times because of how much information you’re sifting through, but it is definitely worth it. The book certainly speaks of what went on in Operation Paperclip with distaste, but that’s honestly mostly because of the level of deception and underhandedness the program underwent.

I’d highly recommend the book. This was an encyclopedic effort to expose and analyze the transfer of German scientists into America after World War II.

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