With this calculator you can calculate your Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) score based on the US Army PFT standards. Enter your age, and results in the. Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard. For use of this form, see FM ; the proponent agency is TRADOC. GENDER. UNIT. APD PE vES. WEIGHT: DATE. Army Physical Fitness Test Scorecard. NAME (LAST, FIRST, MIDDLE). For use of this form, see FM ; the proponent is TRADOC. SSN. GENDER. UNIT.

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The Soldiers being tested must be in view of the scorers at all time. The scorer counts the correct number of repetitions out loud, repeats the last number of the correct repetitions when incorrect repetitions are performed, and verbally corrects push-up and sit-up performances.

Selecting and training of event supervisors, scorers, timers, demonstrators, and support personnel. As long as any of your fingers are overlapping to any degree, they are considered to be interlocked Figure A One scorecard will be maintained for each Soldier. To convert meters to yards, multiply the number of meters by This form annotates exercises and activities suitable for the profiled Soldier. Run numbers and DA Forms for each Soldier being tested.

If a Soldier is ill or becomes injured during the APFT and fails to achieve the minimum passing score for their age and gender on any event, he is considered a test failure. Soldiers with temporary profiles of long duration more than three months may take an alternate aerobic event as determined by the commander with input from health-care personnel.


Here’s an early draft of the Army’s new fitness test standards

Physical fitness testing is designed to ensure the maintenance of a base level of physical fitness essential for every Soldier, regardless of Army MOS or duty assignment. Soldiers on permanent physical profile are given a DA Form The samples provided are not to be used for scoring the APFT.

Workout of the Week: A relatively flat course with a uniform surface and no obstacles must be used. Sit-up event narrative A-8 TC The following personnel are recommended for administration of the APFT: Forms can be filled out on screen or by hand. Medical support on site is not required unless specified by local policy.

Defense News Weekly Year in Review On this special edition, we look at some of our biggest interviews–and up close looks we got in Use the form below to search the site: The test site should have the following: Conducts APFT event demonstration.

Here’s an early draft of the Army’s new fitness test standards

The cycle ergometer must be calibrated prior to test administration. Supervision of Soldiers and laying out the test area armj essential duties.

You May Also Like. Specific 2-mile run route instructions can be addressed at the 2-mile run event test site.

If either foot breaks contact with the ground during a repetition, that repetition will not count and the scorer will repeat the number ofthe last correct repetition performed. The Soldier taking the event sets the speed by selecting the gear scorrcard wish to ride in.

Running tracks may be used to administer the 2-mile run event.

Following the year-long pilot, the ACFT will hit initial operating capability in fall Upon completion of all events, recovery will be conducted. Two stopwatches, clipboards, and black pens for each scorer. The event supervisor will read the instructions aloud and answer questions.


Sleeping mats are not authorized for use. A preparation area can be same as briefing area. Commanders must ensure that physical fitness testing does not form the foundation of unit or individual PRT programs. Assists the event supervisor by demonstrating push-ups and sit-ups to standard during the reading of event instructions.

In addition, the wearing of unauthorized items such as nasal strips, braces, elastic bandages, weight lifting gloves, electronic devices MP3 players, radios, cell phones, and compact disc players are addressed. Administrative and support requirements for this event follow.

APFT Calculator – Army Physical Fitness Test

A site that is free of any significant hazards. The preceding remark is omitted if scorecards were issued prior to arrival at the test site. Testing should be planned to permit each Soldier to perform at his maximal acorecard and should ensure the following: All three events must be completed within two hours.

It is normally based on the number of Soldiers taking the test. Ensures necessary equipment is on hand for each event s. If large numbers of Soldiers are being tested, staggered start times should be planned to allow for proper recovery between test events.