LUISA PICCARRETA. “THE SUN OF MY WILL”. Menu. Home · MIRACLES · “ Luisa Piccarreta saved my life” · NEWSLETTER – A new .. Book of Heaven. ‘The Kingdom of The Divine Will in the midst of creatures. Book of Heaven. The call of the creature to the Order, the Place and the Purpose for which he was. ‘JESUS GIVES LUISA THE KEY TO HIS WILL FROM THE BOOK OF HEAVEN Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta, The Little Daughter .

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And through her intercession, grant me the grace that I humbly beseech of you….

The Divine Will – and The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

Now he has expanded on his original work by tackling some of the weightier theological issues raised in Piccarreta’s writings. I pray I can begin to do His Will as He desires.

Then, yes, will I be able bookk say: Luisa Piccarreta – A virtually unknown Italian mystic who had sublime revelations on the Divine Will. This book written by theologian Stephen Patton does an excellent job of present the profound nature of these Writings while at the same showing their complete harmony with the teachings of the Church.

Now, one who will possess the Kingdom of my Will will be for Us like a child born after about six thousand years. Just newly born, he gives him his kingdom and all of his goods as inheritance; and his complete joy and feast is that his kingdom will no longer belong to some strangers, to his servants, but to his dear son.

Luisa on the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. Highly recommended for anyone who is not sure how to approach Luisa’s works. Therefore, this Feast is the prelude of the Kingdom of my Divine Fiat. Now, suppose that heaveh son comes to the light for him after a long time — what is not the feast of this king? This did not include any of her Diaries.

Her holiness and the favors already granted should impregnate our supplications w ith unquenchable confidence. Customers who bought this item also bought. Now, so that the Kingdom of Our Bkok Will may reign in the midst of creatures, it is necessary that the creature absorb into herself all of these acts of the Divinity done for love of heavdn — and absorb them so much into herself, as to enclose within herself everything that my Fiat possesses, interiorizing them and consummating them within herself.


Hubris, Heresy, and Mystery. Luisa’s writings reveal the hitherto unknown extent of the true greatness, height and sublimity of the life of the Mother of God. In fact, with my birth, our Divinity received true glory lyisa the highest Heavens; and men will have the true peace, when they will recognize my Will, giving It dominion and allowing It to reign.

The first book of this series on her mystical life: The last chapter was written on December 28,the day on which she was ordered to stop writing. Her extraordinary Confessor was St. Email Email cannot be blank. Annibale read some of her revelations to Pope St.

The good ones and the very Saints of the following two thousand years have lived from the fruits of My Humanity and, in drops, they have enjoyed My Divinity. I shall luiwa to Her all those that She shall want, death itself shall not have power over those who shall be in the custody of My Mama.

Can such stunning claims be reconciled with Sacred Scripture and Tradition? None of the excuses piiccarreta by the Servant of God to avoid obeying her confessor in this were to any avail.

She brings a whole new dimension to having a personal relationship with Jesus. In the new prelate, Archbishop Tommaso de Stefano March 24, — 13 May delegated as her new confessor Fr. Padre Pio and AmericaSt. Luisa Piccarreta – A virtually unknown Italian mystic who had sublime revelations on the Divine Will Luisa Piccarreta is one of the greatest mystics in the history of the Church.

Pichierri and for his successor Episcopal Ordination of Msgr. You will be my guide, my tender Mother; You will guard your child, and will teach me to live and to maintain myself in the order piccwrreta in the bounds of the Divine Will. Thus on February 28,she began to write her diary, of which there are thirty-six large volumes! So, my Divine Will, consummated within the creature, will make this whole divine army reenter into her.

The Divine Will

All authorized theologians appointed by the Church during the past century to evaluate her writings have declared that there is nothing contrary to Catholic teaching in her works. We will place all Our things at his disposal, so that, in the Kingdom of Our Will, given to him by Us, nothing extraneous to Us may enter any more, but only Our own things, and We may receive the fruits, the glory, the love, the honor of the Kingdom of Our Will. Indeed, the Church is doing nothing other than honoring my Humanity with those titles which, by right, are due to It; and when She has given Me all the honors that befit Me, She will move on to honor and to institute the Feast to the Kingdom of my Divine Will, by which my Humanity was animated.


You are blessed with a real gift of writing.

Luisa Piccarreta

And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. What joy, what liisa will not be Ours in seeing Our image in him, intact, beautiful, just as We delivered it from Our paternal womb!

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. For the first time in years Jesus invites all of mankind – through his revelation to Luisa – to experience the ultimate state of union with God: And who will ever be able to form for Me this Kingdom if not my Will? Further, not only is it not prohibited to spread the knowledge of her life and of her writings, but it is desireable to do so. It is certainly permissible to pray to her in our daily needs, but let us not be afraid.

I highly recommend it! This book is a detailed narrative report and description of over dated entries about Mary contained in Luisa’s opus. Life of the Mystic Luisa Piccarreta: It is certainly permissible to pray to her in our luksa needs, but let us not be afraid to implore real miracles from her.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Although none of the original works of Luisa Piccarreta were ever censured by lulsa Church, at one time some versions of her writings, edited by others, were placed on the Index. Therefore, prostrate before Your Light, I, the littlest among all creatures, come, O adorable Will, into the little group of the first children of Your Supreme Fiat.

In fact, once I have done the first, from one creature It will pass on to the next, in such a way that my Kingdom will be populated more than all others. For the glory of God and of Luisa Piccarreta, kindly write out the favors obtained, sign them. The sweetest book I have ,uisa read.