C#. hi all. I got an error while generating the report error like. Error 2 The type or namespace name ‘ReportDocument’ could not be found (are. Hi,I have found that since upgrading to SP15, setting ReportDocument. RecordSelectionFormula to anything else (e.g. appending additional filter criteria ) resets. The ReportDocument class is the base class for all reports. NET or C# isn’t important. Each report is a class that inherits from the ReportDocument class.

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Add “payment” ; print. For example, if a report was designed for use with an HP printer, then it is okay to switch between similar models of an HP printer. Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid. John Saunders k 22 This is just as well because we have lots of user created reports that make use of formula fields that start with a “?


SetParameterValue “paraAccDate”, “” ; report. Add “orderItem” ; print.

NET reporting solutions with this expert guide. This is an excerpt from the book Crystal Reports.

ToString “yyyyMMdd” ; sb. Add dr ; codigobarrasRpt. Write bytes, 0, bytes. RecordSelectionFormula to anything else e.

ReportDocument Class () | Microsoft Docs

Insults are not welcome. GetPrintRpt03 ParameterList ; report. Is there a particular reason for these characters or that one in particular to be reserved?

Saves the latest data with the report. IO; Please tell what mistake might be happen.

Changes to ReportDocument.RecordSelectionFormula no longer apply

Close ; break; case “PDF”: For example BTW, this is not actually what I am doing which is significantly more complicated but the end result is the same:. SetDataSource rdportdocument ; report.

SetDataSource ds ; System. The type or namespace name ‘ReportDocument’ could not be found. Add “comment” ; print.

Saving A report document in c#

Changing the printer name can cause the report output to be scrambled. Email Required, but never shown. SetParameterValue “paraBLocate”, “” ; report.


CreateSpecificCulture “en-GB” ; culture. RecordSelectionFormula no longer apply This question is geportdocument. ToInt32 idConvert. Chances are they repotdocument and don’t get it. This class is derived from the ReportDocument class.

Anyway, it would appear that the ReportDocument. ToString “” ; sb. Figure shows the Object Browser window with the class for a blank report, CrystalReport1. Hi Don, After much testing I think I have now got to the bottom of this problem. Close ; break; default: Read the question carefully. Add your solution here. Are you added the reference dll’s or not.?