Esquema Nacional de Vacunacion RMMINSA. Cargado por. David G. CV · RM MINSA NTS Inmunizaciones. Cargado por cadena de frio. cadena del frío en algún momento antes del consumo. . Fuente: Centro Nacional de Epidemiología, Prevención y Control de. Enfermedades – MINSA. implica evaluar y asegurar la cadena de frío y una logística adecuada . Fuente: Sistema nacional de vigilancia epidemiológica – DGE – MINSA. (Enfermedades.

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Corrects paragraphs 6 and 9 of the notification. Requisitos de Registro Sanitario. Chain link – Specification, First Edition.

SisGeDo | Sistema de Gestión Documentaria | Documentos

National Standards of the P. Petroleum products and natural gas handling equipment. Flow through type vibrational relative gas density transducers.

Compulsory specification for aquacultured live and chilled raw bivalves molluscs. Particular requirements for hammers.

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Environment Protection Restriction on the importation of Plastic straws Regulations Tyre pressure gauges for road motor vehicles. Transmission Cargo Security Inspection System. Installed meters, warning assemblies, and dosimetric quantity monitors for gamma radiation and X-rays. Administrative Regulation on Liquefied petroleum gas.


Amendment to the legal inspection requirements of water dispensers. Bare foil for Food Packaging – Specification. Transportation – Classification, labelling, marking and packaging.

Plan Estrategico Institucional 2011-2014

LED luminaires for road and tunnel lighting. Harmonization With International Standards. Revision to the Cosmetics Safety Technical Specification.

Particular requirements for circular saws. Lifting of administrative stay. Petroleum Refinery Sector Amendments. Revision of the Mandatory Standard SI part 2. A draft revision of Electrical appliances and Consumer products Act. cadean

Personal care products, cosmetics and perfumes. Draft amendment of Technical Regulation for Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Update of GCC draft regulation for Guideline for setting of tolerances for label declared nutrient value. We are now ,insa the information by adding the link from the regulator to allow easy access to the final rule notified.

Electrical apparatus for explosive atmosphere. Changes to the proposed measures, taking into consideration feedback and comments received from stakeholders and interested parties. Decreto del Poder Ejecutivo No. Tobacco products and manufactured tobacco substitutes. Tubos flexibles de aluminio para el envasado de productos.

Measuring devices for firo the load per axle of road vehicles. Draft Circulation specifies criteria for determining products and equipment for water-saving use.


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Envases y Utensilios Alimentarios en contacto con alimentos. Partial amendment to the Minimum Requirements for Biological Products.

Plastic materials and articles in contact with food. Proyecto de reglamento “RTCA Coating and varnishes ; part 3 – Hermetically sealed and rigid metal packing for food products: Regulations amending the Energy Efficiency Regulations, Gulf draft Technical Regulation for “Labeling of prepackaged substances used in food products industry”. Order amending the Order of 5 September establishing the mandatory implementation of standards.

Hexagon fit bolts for steel structures supplied with or without hexagon nuts. Particular requirements for a. Colectores solares y sistemas solares compactos. Safety requirements and test methods”. Transmission Baggage Security Inspection System. Cadrna Specification for Pneumatic tyres for passenger cars and their trailers VC Adjustments and clarifications to the regulation of Flat Solar Collector. Toxic Free Kids Rule Revision.