Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology. Rudolph Carnap. [In this essay Carnap is concerned with the question of the “reality” of the sorts of what he calls “abstract. Rudolf Carnap’s article “Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology” deals with the implications of accepting language which refers to abstract entities. Empiricists. Carnap, “Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology”. Major Premise: Accepting the existence abstract entities involves a pragmatic decision to use a certain linguistic.

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While ‘Fido’ designates the dog Fido, ‘red’ and ‘five’ are not names and do not sekantics anything. Request removal from index. This entry has no external links.

The latter is the name given by Gilbert Ryle 8 to the criticized belief, which, in his view, arises by a naive inference of analogy: There is a particular kind of misinterpretation of the acceptance of abstract entities in various fields of science and in semantics, that needs to be cleared up.

Then, variables of the new type are introduced.

We accept the thing language with its framework which enables us to ask and answer internal questions like “Is there a white piece of paper on my desk?

And the same holds for references to abstract entities as designata in semantics. Let us look at different ways of framing this kind of question. When Quine in the article “On What There Is,” classifies my logistic conception of mathematics derived from Frege and Russell as “platonic realism” p.

Some nominalists regard the acceptance of abstract entities as a kind of superstition or myth, populating the world with fictitious or at least dubious entities, analogous to the belief in centaurs or demons.

The numerals may still be used as meaningful expressions. The statement “There are propositions” may be meant in the sense of d ; in this case it is analytic since it follows from a and cagnap trivial.


The choice of using real numbers instead of rational numbers or integers as coordinates is mainly due to considerations of mathematical simplicity, and is not influenced by facts of experience.

Semantics, Empiricism, and Ontology. Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.

Science Logic and Mathematics. The World of Things Take the world of things – the simplest kind of entities we deal with in everyday language. Carnap and Ontological Pluralism. Therefore, he regards the external question as a pseudo-question, until both parties offer a common interpretation of the question as a cognitive question; one that would indicate possible evidence regarded as relevant by both sides.

Rudolf Carnap, Empiricism, semantics, and ontology – PhilPapers

Find it on Scholar. But controversy of the external question of the ontological reality of the system of numbers continues.

The new entities are values of these variables; the constants and the closed compound expressions, if any are substitutable for the variables. Sign in Create an account.

This article has empirciism associated abstract. The concept of reality occurring in these internal questions is an empirical scientific non-metaphysical concept. Semantics, Empiricism, and Ontology. They reject the belief, which they regard as implicitly presupposed by those semantical statements, that to each expression of the types in question semanics like “red,” numerals like “five,” etc.

These types Carnap calls internal questions. Generally speaking, any expression of the form “‘.

Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology. —

This article has no associated abstract. We shall not criticize ekpiricism this general conception. The latter fact shows that the occurrence of constants of the type in question — regarded as names of entities of the new kind after the new framework is introduced — is not a sure sign of the acceptance of the new kind of entities. Above all, it must not be interpreted as referring to an assumption, belief, or assertion of “the reality of the entities.


Carnap and Ontological Pluralism. History of Western Philosophy. Sign in Create an account. An alleged statement of the reality of the system of entities is a pseudo-statement without cognitive content.

Empiricism, Semantics and Ontology

Nevertheless, we may regard it as a matter of decision in this sense: Further, to make the statement a possible, L must contain an expression like “designates” or “is a name of” for the semantical relation of designation.

But the thesis of the reality of the thing world cannot be among these statements, because it cannot be formulated in the thing language or, it seems, in any other theoretical language.

The efficiency, fruitfulness, and simplicity of the use of the thing language may be among the decisive factors. Problems and Changes in the Empiricist Criterion of Meaning. In fact, however, all that can accurately be said about atoms or the field is implicitly contained in the physical laws of the theories in question.

Let us now summarize the essential semantixs of situations involving the introduction of a new kind of entities, characteristics which are common to the various examples outlined above. Copyright by Susan J.