these monologues will give you a lot to work with. Written by author Starring on Bay Street – a novel by Jan Peterson Ewen – “Heart-warming and Humorous”. The following skits are contained in download above. Canoe is a quick, humorous look at not giving God the glory when he answers our prayers. Church growth. Monologues suitable for men and women. The Medieval Traffic Warden A short, comic monologue or speech, as the traffic warden hands out a rather large fine.

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Gordon’s life is filled with noise. Kieran Johannsen thinks life is unfair.

Funny Monologues – Monologue Blogger

Pete Malicki – Play Tracker. A brief article on the effect that porn has on young male viewers. My award-winning play, “The New Inhabitant”. Dave is the last man on Earth and he has blue balls. A 10 minute play comedy about an engagement going very, very wrong.

Auditions – Lane Cove Theatre Company

No one messes with Dylan. What will he do to get make her his?

Joanna Murray-Smith’s deliciously wicked comedy deftly walks the comedt between satire and farce proving the female of mobologues species is not only deadlier, but funnier than the male. What happens when a goon kills the hero?

She’s cogent but she doesn’t like what she sees and hears. The woman quickly reveals that she’s an addict, but drinking isn’t her problem. She’s the bubbles in his champagne. My Name Is Steve. She has lead a difficult life and when we meet her in this play, she is at the end of her tether. A 10 min play for 2 males and 2 females. A 10 minute play satirising the ‘body part’ genre. Written permission must be obtained before these files can be copied, distributed or used in any way other than personal viewing, reading or listening.


She makes his sun rise. This monologue is about a bad man with a bright past.

How to write a ten minute play, performed as a ten minute play. An excerpt from my first ever novel, Helm On Earth. She’s about to slide into a gin-induced coma until she receives flowers anonymously VD – a short story turned monologue for a woman.

Comedy Monologues

Recently performed as part of Crash Test Drama. A 10 minute play.

How to be a bad writer. A one act play. This page contains many samples of my work, including the majority of my plays, samples of my writing and music from my old band Flow. A four-person adaptation of the monologue “Checkout”. Helm On Earth, my first ever novel.

Sensation – 10 mins 1 female Comedy, Monologue. Steve has an addictive personality.

A romantic date from the WRX gets scary and Wayne has to be a hero. Harold Borgenstein goes speed dating and is unexpectedly possessed by not one but nine Greek Gods. I wrote it wearing short shorts.


Why isn’t the elevator company called KruppThyssen? A short story exploring the concept of revenge for the greater good. A psychotic spouse, a son called Edgard, a high-powered client, a stolen bicycle, the five-year-old-girl next door who will murder you for touching her bicycle, and a toothless Uber driver. Will she thwart Bowser’s latest kidnapping attempt?

See this page for more details: If you like these scripts, please consider a small donation monologuues thank the author.

Funny Monologues

A short story about the power of writers. Please email Trent at lanecovetheatre hotmail. Sir Edmund Hillary is on the rise. A 10 minute play about debt in Generation Y.

A young man who hates to spend money realises the government offers a stack of free services and pledges to get value for his tax dollar. Alicia has come from Argentina to Australia and found herself an unusual job monnologues sees her attending a lot of funerals.

An everyday married man becomes obsessed with a stranger he met in a gay bar. This latest gem from the pen of one of Australia’s most outstanding playwrights was inspired by Germaine Greer’s experience of being held captive in her country house in Essex in