Buy Elogio de la Irreligion by John Allen Paulos (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Elogio de la Irreligion by John Allen Paulos, , TusQuets edition. Elogio de la irreligion/ Irreligion: Un Matematico explica por que los argumentos a favor de la existencia de Dios, sencillamente, no se sostienenA Why the.

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Wow, there’s an argument that doesn’t add up. It is a short engaging work. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Thus, for example, in discussing the Argument from Design, he doesn’t try to show how bacterial flagella or the mammalian eye could have evolved; he points out that the general argument that things are too complex to have arisen without a designer begs the question of what “too complex” means; necessitates a greater supernatural complexity whose origins are inexplicable; and then details, from a mathematician’s perspective, how probability works in favor of, not against, evolution.

Interspersed among his twelve counterarguments are remarks on a variety of irreligious themes, ranging from the nature of miracles and creationist probability to cognitive illusions and prudential wagers. Mathematician and bestselling author John Allen Paulos thinks not. Let us know about it. This dee takes a few of the classic arguments for the existence of God and refutes them. I know this books title can be misleading to some people.

Elogio de la Irreligion ( edition) | Open Library

Nothing new here for people already decently well-read in the genre. Have a look at the Jews and Israel throughout the last 19 centuries. God is a Cosmic Father, He’s not your buddy. I think that it would be of the same nature as evidence for, say, dark matter. The “logical” arguments don’t make sense, so it must be something else, and people cling to their beliefs with the tenacity of an affective decision, not an empirical one.


Well, now I know why, because I didn’t get it and neither did he. The stigma is still hard to overcome. Perhaps Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins? I listened to the audio version which las I have been a long time fan of John Allen Paulos ‘s Innumeracy: It has eloggio seemed to me that the proofs of god’s existence are very difficult to refute, but Paulos at least brings good humor to the al – humor without rancor or condescension.

Oa universe does not care. The thing I liked most about the book was that Paulos summarized most of the proofs in syllogistic form, to help expose the flaws in the proofs. I guess that as I get older I want more fire and brimstone in my rants against religion for instance, The God Delusion.

Paulos comes back again and again to what is “persuasive” without delving any df into what persuasion entails. Aug 08, Keith Swenson rated it really liked it. I found this audio book fun, funny and comforting. This small, breezy book covers many of the main arguments for god. As I get older, I find that noisy settings–like airplane cabins–make it hard for me to concentrate. However, Paulos’ take is much gentler, more accepting of believers though n Another excellent book from the author of ‘Innumeracy’ – this time irreliion takes on about all the arguments for the existence of God, at least in any of the forms envisioned by mainstream religions.

The latter arguments, Paulos krreligion in his characteristically lighthearted style, range from what might be called golden oldies to those with a more contemporary beat. I think this was a great intro book to read elohio the beginning atheist is there such a thing? Paulos goes through these arguments one after the other, first documenting the form of the argument itself before discussing how the argument holds up.


Elogio de la Irreligion

On pagePaulos calls the belief that God is Love “equivocating” and not persuasive, but offers no explanation for this beyond making fun of the syllogism, “God is love, love is blind, my uncle is blind, therefore my uncle is God.

John Allen Paulos Dimensions: I have been a long time fan of John Allen Paulos ‘s Innumeracy: Amazon Global Store UK International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions. Does this product have an incorrect or missing image? For the most part, Paulos doesn’t bother with marshaling facts and evidence against theistic arguments, but concerns himself solely with the logic or lack thereof behind them.

But I would argue that most atheists in fact don’t feel much need to deny the existence of a deity, but simply see no reason to believe in something for which there ed absolutely no evidence and which explains nothing. Nobody is going to force him one way or another.

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Are his analyses as eloquent as those of Hitchens, or as provocative as Dawkins? The most telling chapter was the last – Athiests, Agnostics, and “Brights”. However, for the most part, this concise text evaluates and debunks not always successfully most of the arguments for the existence of God.