Say It with Presentations: How to Design and Deliver Successful Business Presentations. Front Cover. Gene Zelazny. McGraw Hill Professional, Jan 11, Gene Zelazny approach, mocking the software in his own PowerPoint presentation, . Given these challenges, here are some additional options to tell the. In the Spring of , McKinsey presentation guru Gene Zelazny B. Audience: Who are the key decision makers with authority to say yes or.

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McKinsey Presentation Tips – Gene Zelazny at Wharton

In the Spring ofMcKinsey presentation guru Gene Zelazny shared public speaking insights gleaned over his forty-plus year career video at bottom of post.

Here, I have summarized his wiyh well structured tips:.

The only thing that matters at the end of your presentation is the answer to the question: Did I accomplish my objective. Nervousness is natural and should be viewed as a sign of respect for your audience. Accept that you will make mistakes.

Why are you presenting? What do you reasonably hope to accomplish?

What do you expect from your audience? Who are the key decision makers with authority to say yes or no?

How interested do you expect them to be in your recommendation? How knowledgeable zdlazny they about your topic? Why would they say no? Your material should be no more comprehensive than the minimum needed to accomplish your objective or the time your have with your audience.


Use the simplest, most-appropriate tools for the task. Do not chronologically recreate the months long discovery process you endured to find the recommendation.

Start with the overall context see II. The exception is when you have an audience that will be hostile to your recommendation and they need ig be taken there more slowly. You want to light a fire presenttions the first minute.

Give your action program to turn your overall recommendation into reality. Last, finish with Next Steps. Note that the next steps should not be premeditated; instead, document the next steps that emerge from the discussion.

Say it With Charts. Use graphical treatment ex: Once alone in a room out loud. Once in front of three or four constructive colleagues.

McKinsey Presentation Tips – Gene Zelazny at Wharton

Set up the facilities: You must believe in what you are recommending or someone else should present. It is OK to occasionally refer to notes, but put them down when you are not referring to them. Work with visual aids: If your slide is complex, you will likely want to get close to it and point out the elements you are describing.

Try to anticipate the three most difficult questions you will get from the most presentayions people in the audience. If the question has multiple parts, it is OK to write down the parts.


Repeat the question only if people were not likely to have heard it. Do not rephrase the question unless you must and, if so, you need to ask for permission to do so. Assume everyone is interested in the answer so balance the eye-contact with the entire audience.

Say It with Presentations, Second Edition, Revised & Expanded

If you want to move on from the questioner, finish your eye contact with someone else. Here, I have summarized his very pressntations structured tips: Define the situation A. Design the presentation A. Structure the story 1. Sketch the storyboard 1.

Say it With Charts a. Select the chart form b. Deliver the presentation A. Set the tone 1. Apply delivery skills 1. Listen the the question completely 3. If the question has multiple parts, it is OK to write down the parts 4.

Pause to think 5.