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Water table depth was not well predicted but had only small influence on simulated NEE. Characterization of ecosystem responses to climatic controls using artificial neural networks. Short summary We tested the hypothesis that diffuse radiation from cloudy and overcast skies penetrates the canopy more effectively than direct radiation from clear skies. Short summary CO 2 loss from soil to the atmosphere soil respiration is a key ecosystem function, especially in systems with permafrost.

Although CH 4 efflux showed no apparent diel pattern, summer CH 4 efflux was significantly higher than that of the other three seasons. The modifications presented in this paper were evaluated using data from two Belgian poplar-based SRC sites, for which multiple measurements and meteorological data were available. In this study, we present a cost-efficient method to measure the exchange of carbon dioxide on lakes continuously. Short summary The understanding of surface water methane production in the world oceans is still poor.

Short summary We measured concentrations of the greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide in rivers from the western Congo Basin Republic of Congo. Gedepn 4 year time series at fixed sites, Global Biogeochem. Short summary Rewetting drained peatlands may lead to prolonged emission of the greenhouse gas methane, but the underlying factors are not well described.

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Delayed peak greenness compared to peak photosynthesis is consistently found across years and land-cover classes. Rprop-description and implementation details, Technical Report, University geddeon Karlsruhe, Germany, In particular, our results cast doubt on a hypothesis proposing early human land use to be responsible for the atmospheric methane concentration increase in the second half of the Holocene.


Short summary Precipitation and N deposition significantly increased R sbut warming decreased R swhich depended mainly on the variation of soil moisture. Short summary In this paper we investigate how the CO 2 exchange between the land vegetation and the atmosphere varies from year to year. It was used to study the seasonality of the carbon cycle in the Fenno-Scandinavian region. Tellus B, 59, —, Wetlands released large egdeon of CH 4with emissions linked to temperature and the presence of Sphagnum ; landscape emissions were 2.

Climate of the Past. Here, we show that such emissions remain unaffected by experimental boreal forest clear-cutting despite increased groundwater carbon dioxide and gynnar concentrations, highlighting that riparian zones or in-stream processes may have buffered clear-cut leachates. Large tundra methane ggogos during onset of freezing, Nature,—, Our result provides evidence for a positive feedback between plant stress, ethylene production, and methanotrophic activity.

Venter, Kerneels Jaars, Stefan J. We find that the yearly variation in carbon dioxide balance is largely determined by the changes in the early wet season balance September to November and in the mid-growing season balance December to January. It was developed within a global land surface scheme and evaluated gogod a polygonal tundra site in Samoylov, Russia. Short summary Understanding riverine carbon dynamics is critical for not only better estimates of various carbon fluxes but also evaluating their significance in the global carbon budget.

The algorithm was verified for data of a rewetted former fen grassland site. Biogeosciences, 14,https: Short summary An important feature of the Arctic is large spatial heterogeneity in active layer conditions. Cross-evaluation of measurements of peatland methane emissions on microform and ecosystem scales using high-resolution hedeon classification and source weight modelling, Agr.

Short summary We analyzed ecosystem-scale measurements of methane exchange between Arctic tundra and the atmosphere, taking into account the large variations in vegetation and soil properties. Short summary Monitoring ecosystems using low-cost time lapse cameras has gained wide interest among researchers worldwide.


Our results have implications for the modelling of gjnnar circumpolar carbon balance. The algorithm is based on sudden concentration changes during single measurements. Short summary Boreal lakes and wetland ponds have pronounced impacts on the global methane cycle. Short summary In this review, we give an overview of the current state of knowledge regarding how permafrost thaw affects aquatic systems.

Short summary We measured methane exchange rates at the forest floor of a nutrient-rich drained peatland in southern Finland.

Dog names beginning with “G”

Diurnal variations were also observed but they were caused by changes in ambient wind speed and not by biological processes. Improving neural network models of physical systems through dimensional analysis, Appl.

Here, dyking and freshwater rewetting had caused a distinct freshening and an efficient depletion of the sulfate reservoir which opened up favorable conditions for a prospering methanogenic community.

Kolmogorov’s mapping neural network existence theorem, P.

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We aimed to assess coastal change over small timesteps, relate short-term changes to longer-term changes, googos assess drones as tools for surveying Arctic coastlines.

Carbon dioxide exchange on a northern boreal fen. In arctic permafrost regions, climate—carbon feedbacks are amplified.

Eyre, and Justus Notholt. Sina Berger, Leandra S. A drought period in one summer significantly decreased C sequestration through decreased gross primary production, but since the drought also decreased ecosystem respiration, the site remained a C sink. Biogeosciences, 11,https: We present the first assessment of CO 2 emissions from the Rajang River, the largest peat-draining river in Malaysia.