Odluka o prihvaćanju GUP-a Grada Zagreba. (). Službeni glasnik Grada Zagreba, 8. Odluka o prihvaćanju GUP-a Grada Zagreba. (). Službeni glasnik. Izmjene i dopune GUP-a grada Zagreba 9mj. za bolju orijentaciju dajemo: vodič detaljnih listova “dl” za Zagreb. Newer Post Older Post. Find cheap airline tickets & deals from Gallup (GUP) to Zagreb (ZAG) and save on your next flight with Expedia.

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What needs to be done on foot, rather than passing through our mill, will be the institution we choose in the competition. We’ll lose a month at the start, but we’ll get three months in the end.

Gradska četvrt Trešnjevka – jug

Vina dostupna svima — Vinarija Perak. The characteristic of this is the old Trnje. In our club is always a good atmosphere and there is no quarrel. We call responsible people, from city offices to mayors, to finally make a decent urban plan, not to have public hearings every six months.

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The GUP of the Zagreb — WMS Sesveta GUP – Datasets – European Data Portal

We use cookies to give you a better experience of using our site. Vinske zvijezde, prave preporuke vinoljupcima. Often someone brings zatreb cakes so we like to come to meetings and representatives of others This is not good for citizens, for potential investors. If you have built objects that restrict the construction of a road, then you have to offer these people a fee or road to move and objects to legalize.

If someone knows who will do it, it would be interesting to hear the answer. As Minister of Architecture I was still talking about the importance of facilitating the legalization of a series of objects fup some corridors.


It was a tragedy that could only find the true feeling in me when I could think about it. Or one does not know what is going on in Zagreb or is known, so someone outside wants to meet one’s interests. Citizens of Zagreb have the right to get a plan to zagrbe where they will be able to build.

It should be the master plan for the development of the city of Zagreb. What we want and for what we will advocate is to have the order in the city of Zagreb, so that there is no mess. Stop GUP being used for private interests. Ponedjeljak, prosinac 31, Finally, the GUP should stop using for some tiny interests.

When I get sick, how difficult it is, it does not bother me with the usual worries I GUP I like to call master plan because he talks about how the development of a city will work. In this, the second GUP decided to clean up the infrastructure topics, the theme of the garbage reconstruction with the City Plan of Zagreb, the theme zzgreb urban projects, the themes related to the economy and the themes of legalization. We appeal to those who make decisions to find hup funds for further work of the Green Phone.

Among other things, the Mayor Bandic and the City Administration are objectionable to two GUPs, “one who is at a public hearing and others who will just come in line. I zagreh read you the Mayor’s statement during the last public debate on GUP changes.

Physical planning in Zagreb: GUP Sesvete

We are again at a public hearing and gpu do not even know when the amendments of the GUP will be adopted and what they will bring to the citizens. The question is whether it will ever be built, and people do not know what to do. Your license is inactive or expired, please subscribe again! Such a phenomenon was pointed out by the citizens through the Green Phone, which, as we have heard, in the city budget disappeared, and it turned out that citizens were calling this phone a sort of messenger of mess in the area.


Most members of Croatian political parties are experiencing their organization as a family as they often express themselves publicly, thinking it is positive.

Unfortunately, this is not the case in Zagreb.

I’m not even wondering if the bacteria will spread? This is also evidence of a total mess in the city, at least as far as spatial planning is concerned, “said Stojak, adding:.

Mrak Taritaš: Stop GUP being used for private interests

Any investor who comes to Croatia and are now full of investment on the state level should know what to do at the start and not have a decent urbanization that has never done anything good to any city – the minister gjp construction said departure. If we did not do this, it would be a questionable deadline for the GUP.

The lack of strategic documents such as the GUP harms the development of the City damages the development of the Zagreb economy.

So, public debate is up to GUP is one of the documents that shows what kind of city you really want, and with this GUP we do not know where Zagreb is going.