HEATHKIT. MANUAL for the. DELUXE. ANTENNA TUNER. Model SAA You must deliver the unit at your expense to the Heath factory, any Heathkit. View and Download Heath Kit SAA manual online. Heathkit SAA TV Antenna pdf manual download. Antenna Tuner SA Amateur-D Heathkit Brand, Heath Co.; Benton Harbor Select picture or schematic to display from thumbnails on the right and click for.

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Place the solder lug on either of the untaped balun coil wires onto heathkot J4 with the nut you removed in the last step. Sensitivity control connections correctly wired and well soldered, c. Input Impedance 50 ohms.

Antenna Tuner SA-2060

NOTE; Perform only one of the next two steps. Reflected 3 scales Low — ehathkit. Be sure the shorting bar is not connected to connector J3.

Route the yellow wire coming from switch SW2 lug 4 around terminal strip J as shown. Connect both of the taped wires coming from coil Tl to solder lug DA. Position the detent as shown in the Pictorial. Do not tighten the gear setscrew.

Before you mount the sensor, refer to the inset drawing on Detail B and make certain the rotor index is manul the “bypass” setting exactly as shown.


Be sure the resistor leads touch only the designated switch lugs. Then readjust Cl, C2, and Ll for minimum reflected power. Before you use a water pipe ground, inspect the con- nection around your water meter. Secure the strap with a brass nut. Then slide the nylon gear on the inductor shaft forward until it meshes with the counter gear.


Replacement parts are warranted for the remaining portion of the original warraniy period. Refer to inset drawing 2 on the Pictorial and, if necessary, form the end of each of the two forked springs into a small tab.

Pull the wires firmly against the cores.

Refer to Pictorial for the following steps. The Heath Company reserves the right to discontinue products and to change specifications at any time without incurring any obligation to incorporate new features in products previously sold. When you tune your exciter, be sure to observe the duty cycle limitations, if any, 3. Push the stepped coupler all the way onto the shaft of the counter before you tighten the setscrew. The “Preset Chart” on Page 62 gives the approximate settings for the Antenna Tuner controls when a 50 ft resistive RF dummy load is used.


Avoid eye injury when you cut off excessive lead lengths.

Balanced to Unbalanced Transformation 4: Turn one of these nuts onto each threaded rod until it is all the way onto the threaded portion of the rod. If you are not using an sa-0260, connect the coaxial cable from the exciter’s RF output con- nector directly to input connector ]6 on the rear panel of the Antenna Tuner.

Indicates forward power in watts on 2 scales, indi- cates relative value of transmitted power. heathlit

Heath kit SA-2060A Manual

Use the plastic nut starter to pick up and start nuts on screws. Refer to Detail 1-lD and work the center por- tions of the three feedthrough insulators into holes B, C, and D, Then place a fiber washer, a female ceramic element, a flat washer and a nut onto each feedthrough stud.

Follow the instructions carefully. Set your exciter to the desired frequency. Then connect the bare end of this wire to control R3 lug 1 S-l. As you wrap the tape around the core, make sure you pull the tape snug.