Kithbook has 45 ratings and 2 reviews. Broken Dreams Undiscovered TreasuresAlthough nocker creations are highly prized among the kingdoms of the Kit. They have an affinity with the Prop realm. Changeling-the-Dreaming-KithBook( Nockers). Silver hair is very common among this Kith, though other colours do. Although nocker creations are highly prized among the kingdoms of the Kithain, most changelings bear little love for these dour and foul-mouthed tinkers.

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Troglodyte pts – You are a throwback to the original goblins and are used to life underground.

Nockers | Changeling: The Dreaming Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This is a two-point Flaw. The Masquerade Storyteller Werewolf: Bright rated it it was amazing Mar 12, They think it’s uproariously funny when they tell the Duchess that you think she has a face like a horse. Mark Stone rated it it was amazing Aug 27, Laws of the Wild 1st and 2nd Editions Storyteller. You want something done right, do it yourself.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Retrieved from ” http: Tags separate by space: This birthright functions normally when in the presence of mortals. Goblin Magnet 2pts – Goblins really kithboo you and want to be your pal.

Add a copy to your collection. In addition, Seelie and Unseelie craftspersons can choose different specialties during character creation. Eric Crabtree rated it really liked it Jul 27, Though their origins are vague, in today’s society they are both valued and detested.


Kithbook: Nockers by Christopher Howard | LibraryThing

On Satyrs – They seem to think that the glamourous live means kihbook around and swilling wine. You can also see better than most in fog, mist and in other situations where visibility is obscured. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Laws of the Hunt 1st Edition Storyteller. Charles Gory rated it really liked it Jun 11, Bright lights bother you, and it’s difficult for you to see in situations involving anything brighter than fire light.

Most would rather take things apart than fix them.

They have an kkithbook with the Prop realm. The Shining Host Storyteller. Become a LibraryThing Author. Foul-mouthed and surly, the Knockers were born of dreams of tinkering. Seelie can choose one anachronistic device water wheels, steam engines, pulley systems and get a -1 difficulty on any roll to fix, manipulate or control that device.

Kithbook: Nockers

Gabriel Eggers rated it really liked it Feb 08, Your mouth spews forth a never-ending torrent of obscenities. Typically, their faces white and painted with some sort of pattern, with bright red noses and cheeks being very common. Add tags Tags separate by space: On the bright side, almost everyone else leaves you alone. Want to Read saving…. Nockers who have committed particularly heinous crimes may lose their inventor licenses forever. Most of ’em need to get a tan. Dagazwind rated it liked it Jan 03, Flaws – Nockers are cynical because they’re such perfectionists.


They settle into positions of authority from which they can drive younger Kithian insane with their continuous criticisms and interference. With five successes at a difficulty of 5 a Nocker can create simple items doors, baseball bats10 or more successes at a difficulty of 9 can result in large or highly complex items siege engines, semi-automatic knive throwers, and so on.

Even other Nockers find you tiresome. Some say this is a curse from the First Artisan; oters claim it’s a karmic debt for their attitude problem.

Nockers Average Rating: Even with such protection, the difficulties of all activities involving sight under such circumstances are increased by three. No Web Links Found.

While it is possible for Kithian to be present, a Nocker cannot work with chimerical materials in the presence of mortals. Your eyes are luminous saucers in your fae mien.

It’s bound to be a bit silly.